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Our Brands


Sales and Consulting business with a focus on products for the Transportation Markets and other like industries.  Some of our products include rubber and plastic components, electronics, metal components and other items as needed in a given project.  Also the corporate oversight for the other brands in the organization.


A simple, yet attractive and purposeful design for protecting your acoustic guitar while sitting around the "Kamp Fire".  A play on the letter "K", the head of the stand resembles the letter to create a pocket for the headstock to rest in.  Please visit our website at  

BEAM PRoperties (1).png

Simply a small property management company with a focus on assisting low income families find affordable living while also investing in industrial and commercial properties.


A small entity with big ideas.  With a focus on personal safety and outdoor sporting, we will work with you to bring your ideal experience to life.  From design to prototype, we partner with the best minds in manufacturing to bring your product to reality.

Windshield Wipes.png

Idea development group with a focus on cleaning products for lengthening the life of Windshield Wiper Blades for automobiles and other methods of transportation. 

MEI Promotional.png

A full line provider of promotional products and services.  If it has a surface, we will put your logo on it.  From apparel to paper to signs to cars. From trucks to mugs to pens and everything in between. We are your promo specialist.  Visit our partner website at:

MEI Supply.png

If there is a product you need for cleaning, safety, packaging, assembly or shipping; we have it or can get it for you.  Our channel partners are the leaders in the marketplace and we have proven we are able to create the greatest value by working with them.

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