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Who We Are

Our Mission:

Our Foundation:

To establish sound relationships with companies in industry by listening, providing insight and innovation through outstanding solutions with follow through built on integrity.

A woman owned company with a focus on Faith, Family and Fellowship.

Our Purpose:

To create enough wealth to provide for our families while being able to give back to our communities through charity in multiples.

About Me.

About Us

Industries Served

Transportation:  RV, Heavy Truck, Work Truck, Marine

Construction:     Building, Infrastructure

Consulting:         Sales Process, Quality Systems, Coaching

Real Estate:         Leasing and Rental

Consumer:          Consumable Products, Apparel

Our Experience

Over 25 years in manufacturing, sales, operations, quality systems and continuous improvement.

Products and Services

- Thermoplastic and Thermoset Extrusion

- Thermoplastic and Thermoset Molding

- Metal Components / Products

- Electronics / Electrical Components

- Packaging and Shipping Supplies

- Promotional Goods

- Business Coaching

- Quality System Implementation

- Industrial and Safety Supplies

- Other Misc. components and services as required.

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